Christian Music Overview

Christian music has evolved greatly though out our history.  It expresses personal, spiritual beliefs regarding Christian life and faith.  The different genres evolved culturally, socially and geographically.  Praise, worship, penitence and lamenting are the common themes of Christian music and it varies all over the world.

We enjoy Christian music for different reasons ranging from religious/ceremonial purposes to aesthetic pleasure and entertainment.  Worship music enhances our church/personal experience and our favorite Christian genre music is uplifting and keeps us focused.

Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) has gained the most popularity from the late twentieth century to the present and can be broken down into many different genres.  These genres and sub-genres are Christian country music, Christian pop, Christian Rap, Christian rock, Christian hip hop, Christian Alternative, Christian punk and Christian metal.  These genres in some part all use their music to spread the good news.

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