Audio Adrenaline

Audio Adrenaline was a Grammy Award-winning Christian rock band that formed in the late 1980s at Kentucky Christian University in Grayson, Kentucky. They were awarded two Grammy awards, multiple Dove Awards and they released 17 number one singles during the band’s 17-year existence. They performed regularly at the annual Creation Festival, Spirit West Coast festival and Agape Music Festival. Audio Adrenaline also performed at the Alive Festival every year up to their last performance in June 2006.

Band members

  • Mark Stuart – Founding Member — vocals, guitar
  • Will McGinniss – Founding Member -vocals, bass guitar
  • Dave Stuart (1986-1991) – Founding Member -keyboards, vocals
  • Ron Gibson (1988-1991)- Founding Member -drums
  • Bob Herdman (1991 – 2001)- Founding Member -keyboard, guitar
  • Barry Blair (1989-1996)- Founding Member -guitar, vocals
  • Ben Cissell (1995-2007)- drums
  • Tyler Burkum (1997-2007)- guitar, vocals, keyboard


Year Album Title Record Label(s) RIAA Certification
1992 Audio Adrenaline ForeFront  
1993 Don’t Censor Me ForeFront  
1996 Bloom ForeFront Gold
1997 Some Kind of Zombie ForeFront  
1999 Underdog ForeFront  
2001 Lift ForeFront Gold
2003 Worldwide ForeFront Gold
2005 Until My Heart Caves In ForeFront Gold

Live albums

Year Album Title Record Label(s)
1995 Live Bootleg ForeFront
2007 Live From Hawaii: The Farewell Concert ForeFront


Year Album Title Record Label(s)
2001 Lift DVD ForeFront
2003 Alive DVD ForeFront
2006 Adios: The Greatest Hits (Special Edition CD/DVD) ForeFront
2007 Live From Hawaii: The Farewell Concert CD/DVD ForeFront

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